about us

Who we are

We are an Australian Charity assisting needy children in Uganda.

Current goals

Our goals are to Educate children to ensure they can have a better life, gain employment and a sense of purpose in life. and to improve disabled children’s quality of life with better education and medical treatments.

We supported House of Hope orphanage

Our Education Program

House of Hope Uganda inc has so far been able to provide secondary education for more than 40 students.

Sponsor now and empower these children to realise their dreams.

$40 per month is all it takes to sponsor a child and really make a difference. Sponsorship ensures they have good accommodation, 3 meals a day, clean clothing, a school uniform, primary education and basic medical expenses.

We support the EDYAC medical program

Currently we are educating disabled children to give them opportunities in the future.

aguru special needs school

Previously we have provided a 4WD vehicle capable of carrying 6 or more passengers ensuring patient transport to the hospitals or other specialist appointments.

EDYAC urgently needed to have their own vehicle for transporting patients to and from Kampala where all of the treatment hospitals are located.

We opened a Healing House.

We employed a Matron and a Nurse 24 hours every day to care for these disadvantaged children.

Please consider a donation towards these projects.