Current Projects

Our Education program

Currently we are assisting 19 students to achieve a brighter and better future through education, care and love.

Sadly this year we had to turn away 8 students due to lack of funds, accommodation and places to study.

We are hoping assist these students in 2019.


We still support the very special work of EDYAC and continue to educate children through the special needs schooling program.

Past projects

House of Hope orphanage and Globalize Junior School

house of hope

The catalyst for the formation of this charitable association was the experience of the founder and president Wendy Pollock.

In 2010 she visited the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda as a volunteer aid worker. She found a facility which had 140 orphans from HIV/ aids affected families, and a primary school which catered for 250 children from nearby villages. The orphanage and school did not have any electricity or an adequate water supply. The remote area where the orphanage is located comprises a number of small villages where people live at subsistence levels.

While there, using funds which she had raised with the help of friends and the people of Rockingham, she immediately set about making some improvements. She had some basic solar powered lighting installed in the dormitories and classrooms removing the need for costly paraffin for lamps. In three nearby villages she had broken water pumps repaired, thus removing the need for village women to walk many kilometers carrying water. While she also provided additional bedding and medical assistance and text books for the children, her most important project was to have a water bore installed at the orphanage when their water supply was cut off. This bore has been the lifeline for the community during the recent droughts and provides a good supply of high quality water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

house of hopehouse of hope

Her profound experience led her to form House of Hope Uganda Inc. in order to provide not only support funding for the orphanage but also to finance projects which would enhance the standard of living and education and therefore employment opportunities.

On her return to Uganda in May 2011 she was able to have two new permanent classrooms constructed to cater not only for the P7 classes which are the final primary school level but also for community education activities. By having better facilities the school is able to attract a better standard of teacher and give improved levels of tuition.

While House of Hope Uganda inc has provided funds to support the running costs of the orphanage through it’s child sponsorship program, funds have also been raised for the next major project; Education.

We offer secondary schooling for students up to their ‘O’ level of Education. This gives them a leaving certificate from secondary school which enables the students to seek employment. Currently we are funding 23 students to attend secondary school. These children would not have this opportunity without our program. It has been a huge success and donations towards the Education program are always welcome.

In 2013 a bigger solar project was implemented providing better lighting and in more areas of the project.

2014 We installed a new fuel efficient stove to replace the old open fire type methods of cooking.

It is a policy of the association to always use local teachers and materials, to create work and assist the local economy.

By consultation with the orphanage director and village elders, future project ideas will evolve.

Empowering Disadvantaged Youth and Children

House of Hope Uganda inc is working with an NGO in Tororo known as EDYAC.
Our goal is to provide a clean environment where children can stay while having their wounds treated until they have healed. A place where they will receive good nutrition, love and attention and some fun and games.

The EDYAC Project

House of Hope Uganda inc’s association with EDYAC began in March 2012 with a Ugandan newspaper article while the Wendy was in Uganda.

The founder of the organisation, Dr Isaac Osire was trying to get a diagnosis for a boy, Vincent, whose legs weighed in excess of 100 kilos.

Time did not allows us to meet Dr Osire but on Wendy’s return to Uganda in September 2012 she met Dr Osire and went with him on his rounds to see the ailing children. She was appalled at the not only at the extent of the disabling conditions that these poor kids had, but also the conditions in which many of them were living which made recuperation from treatment almost impossible. With examples of sores which had not healed for more than a year.

At that time she gave EDYAC a donation of 1,500,000 shillings ( about $700).

In communications with Dr Osire she floated the idea of establishing a “Healing House” to provide an environment where post-operative treatment could be given to achieve a better outcome for his patients.

In Feb –Mar 2013 on her next visit, the healing house became a reality when she leased a new house for one year and provided funds for Dr Osire to meet the local government requirements to establish the centre.

The Healing House was officially opened on June 7 2013 and was lauded by community elders as the first of its kind.

The healing house has 2 live in nurse /matrons and some volunteer helpers to assist with meals etc for the children. Bunk beds have been provided for patients and accompanying parent or carer who is expected to stay with the disabled child..

The success of the Healing House has been immense and many children are being treated there. Sometimes they are brought in to receive nourishment before undergoing hospital treatment in Kampala or they may come for post surgery care or just clean wound management.

house of hope

At that time Dr Osire relied on hiring friend cars to transport patients to and from hospitals which was not very satisfactory. House of Hope Uganda inc. raised sufficient funds which allowed EDYAC to purchase a 4wd 9 seater van in August 2013.this has allowed him to access more easily the various villages of his patients. These people are so remote that sometimes you can only visit 1 patient in a day. The provision of the vehicle has freed up his meagre funds to be utilised for patient treatments.

While it is not the policy of House Of Hope Uganda inc to fund treatment for individual patients there have been a couple of exceptions which have touched the hearts of our supporters.

Loyce was a young woman who had a massive tumour above her left eye and who was in considerable pain. Supporters raised enough funds for her surgery. The surgeon discovered that she had in fact 5 tumours which were removed but unfortunately her eye could not be saved. She is ,however, very grateful for our assistance and is now living free of pain.

Alistera. Wendy first met Alistera in Sept 2012. Here was a child who had had an epileptic seizure and fallen in a cooking fire burning all of the right side of her face. Her parents were so poor that they could not get her medical treatment but instead put engine oil on her burns to keep the flies away. This rotted her flesh and eventually her right ear fell off.

While there had been several attempts at corrective surgery the results were far from satisfactory. Through the power of Facebook one of our supporters who had a contact on the African Mercy, a hospital ship which anchors around the coast of west Africa, managed to get Alistera accepted for plastic reconstructive surgery.

The ship was anchored in the Congo and we needed to fly Alistera her father and Dr Osire to Point Noire to board the ship. A great fundraising effort by our committee achieved the necessary finance and Alistera had her first of three operations in Sept 2013.


Her treatment is now finished and she has returned to Uganda. There was great excitement on her return. A generous donation by one of our supporters will ensured that Alistera’s needs will be met for some time to come. Now Alistera is confident and going to a special needs school and doing well.

We are helping 2 double amputee children, Paul and Michael to attend the special needs school and Edyac is assisting another 2 children to attend school.

When one sees Dr Osires patients it is hard not to want to help each one, but the funding necessary would be immense.

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